Shen Teh’s new record Hide & Seek was created during a period of emotional turmoil and dramatic life changes due to heartbreak, loss, and death. Even though the lyrics might be dark at times, musically the record is anything but gloomy. Compared to the prior record with its theatrical character, Hide & Seek delivers an indie rock performance, that’s up-tempo and rhythmic. As a songwriter, Lara doesn’t tell other character’s stories, she tells her own. With all its playfulness and passion, the record is mostly one thing—personal.

In 2011, Lara Olson moved from her home country Germany to live in the United States. With this step came insecurity, adventure, and the determination to create her own style of music, morphing all her musical experiences that stemmed from classical music–Lara is a classically trained pianist–to jazz, folk, and pop. Eric Gerke and Colin Johnson, were with her on this early path, and fully embraced her then theatrical style. She formed Shen Teh in 2013 and released her first record Alter Ego in 2015 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Lara and Eric went on a short tour through the Midwest that led them to Minneapolis, Des Moines, Iowa City, Omaha, and Denver. Casey Virock, whose band Porcupine has gained recognition beyond local borders, joined Shen Teh in 2015. With him the four-piece band has explored a new rock oriented sound.

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